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Did you ever realize that everything fulfilling in life is wild?

Have a closer look: Love, consciousness, bliss, orgasm, ecstasy… These are dimensions of union that have one thing in common: they are wild! You can’t manipulate, control or dominate them. If you try to do so, you will see that you cannot take hold of them! The art is to surrender to them in order to fall back into your enlightened state. Through various precious tantric methods, unpredictable situations, using all means possible, WildTantra guides you into this non-dual dimension within you and support you in anchoring yourself into it…
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Pema’s interview about women’s creative intelligence


If you want to hear something about women that you never heard before, watch this video!
Be ready to hear something that might not please you, but that will for sure wake you up!

Book Launch & Party of Pema Gitama’s new book!

Book Launch & Party of Pema Gitama’s awaited new book:
Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries

Pema will present her new book in a celebration evening. She will share the sources of inspiration of her book, read some parts of it and sign it. The evening will be filled with Medicine Songs with Yamita Voorhorst, blissful dance with DJ Mantradeli (Dimitri Veerman) and meetings with many beautiful friends.

What the book is about:
This book is the follow-up of “Tantra Vol.I, The Whispering Transmission(2010), in which the author reveals the depth of Tantra by telling the authentic story of a young Tibetan woman named Pema and her partner Chandra. Their journey continues in this book, as they follow a river in India upstream to its source in Tibet. Along the banks of this river they encounter several Masters from different Tantra lineages who share with them their wisdom and offer some unpredictable situations, mysterious initiations and precious Tantra practices. The story sheds important understandings on some of the burning topics exposed by the Path of Tantra through its practices, such as desire, sex, death, birth, illusion, enlightenment, creation force, time…

The book is illustrated with the delicate pictures of Arjun Roodink, and is gifted with the precious calligraphy Artworks of Tashi Mannox and the spirit paintings of Alina Tiumeneva.

The book contains:
– The vibrant story of meetings with Masters from different Tantra lineages
– A illustrated guide of Tantric meditations
– Pictures, Artwork, surprises and love…

Date: 19 April 2017 from 7 pm to midnight
Place: Vondelkerk, Vondelstraat 120, 1054 GS Amsterdam

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The Great Desire


I could write a whole book about it, but one chapter of my next book can be enough to offer you some answers about this delicate hot subject in Tantra!

Here some explanations extracted from my book: Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries which will be launched April 2017.

“Listen carefully, my dear lovers. The Great Desire pushes the man and the woman to come closer, to melt, to become one, and yet at the same time it divides them. Look closely at the moment of creation, when the sperm meets the ovule; what is really happening? They do not become one, they divide into two and then four and six and finally into millions of cells which will become one body. We see one body, but we forget that it was created by division, not oneness. There was a momentary union when the sperm and the ovule met, but immediately after this union, division started. What a strange play! The man and woman’s desire for closeness, for togetherness, for disappearing into each other, for melting into one another, for ultimate union, for becoming one has become three! Existence uses some very strange mathematics where one plus one equals three! In our rational view it equals two. And in our spiritual quest it equals one. So who is deceiving whom?…”

Here are some understandings…
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